This could be the year everything changes for you!

Most of us are sleepwalking through life. Let's stop that, right now!

You can be the artist of your own vibrant lifestyle. Let's design something different.

I'm Amber Rose, transformational life coach and lifestyle artist. I mentor women to find the confidence, clarity and deep connection that they have always wanted. Whether we're creating the career or your dreams, making your vision of world travel a reality or just getting some more cash in the bank, my clients set big goals and then smash through them.

I can help you do the same!

"Before I started working with Amber, I had NO idea which way was up and which way was down. The big themes were: What the hell am I doing?! What SHOULD I be doing? Why am I not where 'she' is?
Now, life is EASY. I have a deep knowing that I am here for a very important purpose, and I know also how to implement my purpose.  In this overwhelming ocean of ideas, thoughts and opinions (with regular battering waves of 'I'm not good enough') she is the still water."

Fifi Mills, UK

Within minutes, Amber was able to help me see my situation in a new way.
With one question I was able to gain clarity and the confidence to know that the direction I was taking my life and career in was the right one. 
I would highly recommend working with her if you are struggling with getting started, confused about about the direction you should take or just plain overwhelmed or stuck.  

Cleo Rhoden, USA

The early stages of a new business can be incredibly stressful; too much to do, too many choices to make, and I was second guessing myself a lot. Amber deftly helped me find my focus again. 
Her powerful questions gave me a brand new perspective on my priorities and every time we spoke I left the session with a clear map of where I want to go and how to get there. If you need to rekindle you love for your life and your work, Amber is the coach for you. 

Camila Artoni Gough, Australia