20 Female Entrepreneurs On The Rise in 2018

Do you ever feel like there are a few well known players in the online business game that are getting all the limelight, all the praise and all the tags in posts on Facebook?

One thing that I love about our tribe is how much we genuinely believe in #communityovercompetition It’s such a popular hashtag these days but the reality behind it involves more than just saying that you hope we all win – we have to celebrate those who might be further down the ladder, but still doing amazing work.

We have to look sideways for inspiration, and not just upwards.

I was so excited when I saw the 20 On The Rise awards, sponsored by HoneyBook. Awards isn’t quite the right word for this because, in fact, it’s just a specially curated list of individuals who deserve some recognition. 20 On The Rise is for creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, consultants and everyone in between and they’ve been divided up into 5 main categories.



Small Business Experts

Event Professionals

Image Makers

Of course, I started shooting off some nominations immediately, but alas, you can only choose three people. So I decided to create this post of the 20 people that I think are On The Rise right now that I would love to introduce you to! Check out the list below, then head over to ontherise.honeybook.com to make some nominations for yourself!


Graphic Design
Web Design
Product Design
Interior Design
Fashion / Accessories

Sarah Shuttle


Sarah is an incredible designer creating luxe and feminine websites and brands for talented and ambitious women. I’m always blown away by just how polished her work always comes out.

Meghan Hartman-Gomez


I was in a mastermind with the amazing Meghan and she was an endless fountain of wisdom on getting your website to convert and make it stand out online in the sea of templates. One to watch for sure!

Ruth Ridgeway


Ruth is actually a multi-talented lady, being a brilliant photographer, designer and writer – but I’m constantly blown away by her beautiful hand lettering and amazing branding that comes with everything she launches. Totally elegant but eye-catching.


Craft / Makers
Fiber Arts

Lauren Cooper of Oh Wonder Calligraphy


I took a calligraphy class once and let me tell you, it’s harder than it looks! That one of the many reasons I have so much respect and awe for Lauren’s beautiful calligraphy work. She sells cute cards, runs workshops and creates bespoke work for brands.

Craftist in Residence


Charlotte is a recent discovery of mine when I was hunting for illustrators. She creates amazingly detailed and elegant drawings and even takes commissions!

Rachael of Used Threads

Instagram | Etsy Shop

I stumbled across ‘Used Threads on Instagram and fell in love with her stunning hoop embroidery sunsets, mountains and fields on sunflowers. I feel like she creates these stunning mini works of art and each one if more beautiful than the last.

Small Business Experts

Health + Wellness
Legal / Financial Pros
Restaurant Owners
Real Estate Agents
Marketing / Comm Pros

Brit Kolo

marketinginyogapants.com | jammarketinggroup.co

Firstly, Brit is the most lovely, generous and down to earth human (I mean c’mon, her brand is marketing in yoga pants!) but she’s also a crazy smart business strategist.

Maggie Giele


Maggie is an award-winning business strategist, all-round charming person and the founder of the Bosses in Europe community. I don’t think I know anyone with more magical personal branding which won me over INSTANTLY! Seriously, embrace your weirdness – we’ll love you for it.

Caitlin Donovan


Not only is Caitlin’s work super powerful, she’s the most honest and deeply caring person I’ve ever worked with. She’s a Chinese Medicine practitioner and helps women entrepreneurs stay healthy enough to grow and maintain their businesses. (Such important work!)

Suzanne Dibble


Need legal advice? Worried about GDPR? You need Suzanne. She’s so under-appreciated for the important work she does and is literally my go-to for anything remotely resembling legal advice.

Kerri Watt


Kerri is a brilliant PR consultant with a boutique agency helping business owners get more press features and raise their profile. Wanna be the go-to expert in your field? Hire this woman.

Whitney Ryan


I’m not even going to tell you how many newsletters and marketing emails I get each day, but I can tell you that I will literally drop everything to read Whitney’s. If that doesn’t show what an amazing copywriter she is, well I don’t know what to tell you!

Event Professionals

Entertainment / DJ
Floral Design
Lighting / AV
Bakery / Desserts
Hair / Makeup
Food / Drinks

Carolien Mertens


Carolien is a super lovely Belgium based event planner, who helps digital entrepreneurs pull off flawless events. I met her through Maggie’s Bosses in Europe community and she’s possibly the most organised person I’ve ever seen!

Nikki Tibbles


I feel like everytime I go ‘Wow’ at some floral display on Instagram, the tag says it was made by Wild at Heart. She’s also a fur-mama to the cutest pack of rescue dogs you’ve ever seen!

Elissa Williams


Elissa is a personal stylist, obsessed with helping women feel like the badasses that they are. She works with women who are at the top of their field, who find themselves needing to have a wardrobe that reflects their authentic self.

Brooke Price


Brooke is an amazing international make up artist who is often the magic-maker behind those beautiful personal branding images you see online.

Image Makers


Bry Penney


I’d hired with a few people before, but after a shoot with Bry, she’s now the only personal branding photographer I recommend or would ever consider working with. She’s an incredibly talented photographer who creates incredible personality-filled images, and is just the most fun person to have as a creative partner-in-crime.

Lucy Sheridan


So, she isn’t really a vlogger, but the world’s first comparison coach Lucy Sheridan is currently creating amaaazing video content that even got her noticed by UK blogging sensation Zoella. She’s also a super-relatable and lovely person you can’t help but adore.

Emma Mumford


I met Emma at a writer’s workshop then fell in love with her vibrant personality and YouTube channel. She’s dubbed the Spiritual Queen and vlogs about all things spirituality and personal development.

Sarah Seal


I feel like Sarah is a hidden gem in an industry that’s still pretty male-dominated. She’s quickly growing a following on Instagram and while her website is due to launch any day now, you can see from her Vimeo that she’s the woman you want on your team for a brand video shoot.

Head over to ontherise.honeybook.com to make some nominations for yourself!

And if there’s a Female Entrepreneur On The Rise that you think I should know about, tell me about her in the comments below!

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