3 Website Design Tweaks That Make a Huge Difference

If I wasn’t a coach, I would be an interior designer. Fixer Upper is my favourite TV show, Emily Henderson is my favourite blogger and pinning interior decor on Pinterest is a full time hobby.

What I love about it is how simple tweaks can make a space you thought was beyond hope, into something amazing. Simple things like changing the curtain height can make a ceiling look higher, adding mirrors can make a room look bigger and good lighting can transform the vibe.

Your website is the home of your business. Each page has a purpose, and some simple tweaks can make all the difference in the results you’re getting from your website – whether you want to build your email list, book more sales calls or sell more products.

Your website is the home of your business. Is it cluttered, or welcoming?

Make your website easy on the eye

The number one purpose of your website is for it clearly tell people who you are, what you do and who you do it for. That means choosing fonts and colour combinations that are easy on the eye . The clearest marketer always wins.

Action: Review your site and see if a quick switch to a cleaner font or a softer colour scheme would make a huge difference.

Have a really clear action for every page

You should know exactly what action you want someone to take on each page of your website. You can give people options, but all roads should lead back home to your main objective whether that’s growing your email list, or getting eyes on a sales page for a time limited offer. Too many options will confuse people and no one gets what they want.

Action: Review each page and remove unnecessary calls to action. No one wants to read your blog but they will want your unique perspective or a free resource.

Make it really easy for people to opt in

This is the most important one. I cannot stress how much emphasis you should put on getting people to join your email list. This means making sure there’s an easy way for people to opt in pretty much wherever the eye would come to a stop.

We read left to right, so think about putting opt in buttons towards the right side of the menu bar, in a side-bar or in a full width banner.

Action: Add at least one way for people to join your mailing list per page, and then remove any unnecessary external links. Don’t be sending people away from your website.

Spending half an hour or so making some quick fixes could have a huge impact on how effective your site is. When you don’t know why something isn’t working, it can feel frustrating and hugely overwhelming I know, but it’s nearly always a few small things that are adding up to a big problem.

Just remember, when it doubt – keep it simple!

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your biggest takeaway from this article, and what’s one thing you could put into action this week?