Standing out online is no longer optional.

Your online presence needs to be magnetic to your ideal clients.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell, it’s about the stories you tell. – Seth Godin

Since you’re here right now, I bet you want to:

  • Be consistently attracting your ideal clients and getting booked up months in advance
  • Begin work each day with joy and excitement, instead of feeling dread when you open your laptop screen.
  • Start having these five-figure months that everyone else is talking about having. Where’s yours?!
  • Know exactly where to attract the kinds of clients you want, and what to say when you find them.

Even a year ago, I felt completely invisible online.

Behind the scenes I was working with amazing clients with six-figure businesses, launching books, courses and businesses and making an impact in the world.

But no one seemed to know what I did!

I was getting clients, but not consistently and the income rollercoaster was making me feel really insecure. Another month would go by without any new clients, sending me into spirals of self-doubt and worry.

So I started practicing what I preach (and teach) and sharing my story online.

I started sharing how I practice being a vibrant entrepreneur, and doing business in a way that lights me up and side steps burn-out as a way of managing my chronic illness.

I hosted live workshops and trainings about how I think most of the traditional ways of selling online are outdated, and how we can actually make more of an income and impact than ever before by valuing connections over conversions.

Within a few months I went from making a decent income online to consecutive £10k months (that’s revenue, not profit – but my expenses are rarely over £1000. #transparency), booked out my first business retreat, a group coaching program and started writing my first book about conscious entrepreneurship.

Suddenly I was getting known in my industry as the go-to woman if you want massive growth without the massive effort, and elegantly designed sales funnels that scale a business.

It was working with both established experts and bright-eyed, optimistic new entrepreneurs that made me realise that success as a business owner was all too often considered synonymous with being stressed, burned out, and that glory-word: busy.

We seemed to accept this as being part of the journey, and part and parcel of getting to somewhere that looks like success.

The result: nobody loves what they are doing anymore, and the strategies that once worked now feel stale and inauthentic. It’s a common story behind the glossy social media updates: we’re working too hard, and earning too little.

I think it’s about time that changed.

Now I help female entrepreneurs craft stand-out messages that resonate with their ideal clients… and then I help them turn that messaging into relationship-building sales funnels that get them fully booked.

Karen replaced the income from her full time job within just six weeks, and now helps YA authors master their presence online.

Bry went from an underpaid portfolio photographer to a sought after personal branding photographer for entrepreneurs. She’s now experiencing multiple five-figure months and getting booked for shoots from Bali to Santorini.


Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoyed meeting me but this relationship is feeling a little one-sided, doncha think? I offer free marketing strategy calls and I’d LOVE to meet you and hear more about your business.

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