How to Get More Bang For Your Buck With Facebook Ads

The fastest and most targeted way to build your email list is to use Facebook Ads, however the cost per lead is really unreliable if your lead doesn’t stay a lead.

Here are my top tips on how to get more for you money when using Facebook Ads.

Let’s think about two new subscribers who find you via a Facebook Ad, let’s call them Frodo and Sam.

Frodo sees your free offer on Facebook and thinks it sounds interesting. He downloads your free e-book and thinks it’s brilliant! He even forwards the e-book to a friend. Time goes by and eventually he’s forgotten all about your ebook. He remembers it but doesn’t remember who made it, just that he got it from a Facebook Ad. It’s now gathering dust on his desktop.

*ping* You pop into his inbox with an email newsletter, which you don’t send very often. Frodo is confused: “Who the heck are you and how did you get in my inbox?!” He reports your email as spam, deletes it and goes back to watching cat videos on Youtube.

The $2 you spent on gaining Frodo as a lead, just went out the window.

Now let’s meet Sam. Sam also sees your Facebook ad for a free ebook on Facebook and downloads it. He flicks through and thinks it’s interesting, and has a flick through but almost immediately forgets all about it. He’s overwhelmed and your eBook is just one more thing he now has to go back and remember to implement.


The very next day you email Sam saying “Hey, how did you get on with your free eBook? Too busy? I understand. Here’s a free video workshop I ran live last year with some time saving strategies and tips.”

Sam watches your video and loves it! At the end of your video, you talk about a self study course you sell that breaks everything down step by step and will totally wave a magic wand over Sam’s life and business.

Sam signs up for your course immediately, and with your step by step process – he gets great results. He remembers who you are and looks out for your emails, and buys your other courses too.

The $2 you spent on gaining Sam as a lead is now worth over $1000!

Good investment!

Is your email list full of Frodos, or full of Sams?

This is why creating a really powerful follow up is essential. Otherwise you’re just wasting money on leads that will only last a few weeks before unsubscribing.

Here are the two essentials for making sure you’re not wasting money on any kind of advertising, and building strong relationships with the real life people on your list.


This is the most important trait for entrepreneurs and unfortunately is also the least implemented. It’s not what you do, but what you do repeatedly that has a huge effect in your business.

You might think that emailing your list weekly is just too much, but the simple problem is that if you email too infrequently they will just forget who you are.

I used to work behind the bar in a traditional little pub as a side gig while I was building my business, and it took someone coming into the pub weekly for about 3 months before I really knew someone was a regular. We’d sometimes have people come in expecting discounts and other perks when they only came in once a month. We’d vaguely recognise their face but there was no rapport and no relationship there. It’s exactly the same here, only worse – your subscribers have the power to chuck you out of their inbox for good.

You need to be emailing your list at least once a week to keep the relationship going.

An Automated Follow Up

Ideally you want to be building your email list well up into the thousands, so creating a personal connection with all your subscribers can only be done with a little automation.

A great follow up sequence should do three things:

Introduce yourself to your new subscriber
Deliver more real value so they know you’re the go-to person for the problem you solve.
Invite them to become a customer, but not right away!

Just because someone has just said ‘Yes!’ to your free content doesn’t mean they are ready to say ‘Yes!’ to your signature program. Take the time to let them get to know you first. Start off by introducing yourself and letting people know what to expect from you. If you have a certain style, a unique story (we all do) or an angle on the work you do, make that clear in the very first email they receive where you deliver their free stuff.

Then start delivering more value, and free content. It’s time to blow their socks off and make an impression. I also recommend trying to make any follow up content a different medium to whatever they signed up for. So if they downloaded a free ebook, deliver an audio workshop.

Finally you can invite them for something more. My welcome sequence wraps up with an invitation to book a free client attraction strategy call. I make it clear that it’s to talk about my 1:1 coaching program so no one feels duped, but most importantly, it’s just to subtly tell people that I’m a coach, and this is the process if you’re interested.

I lay it out step by step, so if they do decide that they’d like to talk about coaching in the future, they know exactly what to do.

By following up with new subscribers steadily every ⅔ days for the first fortnight that they are on your email list makes it far more likely that they will stick around, and you’re also doubling the chances that they will become a customer or client in future.



Grab my step-by-step guide to creating your first nurture sequence.

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