Do You Need a Website to Start a Coaching Business

When I started my first coaching business as a career and life coach for postgrads, I was obsessed with getting a website together.

The first thing I had done was invest in Marie Forleo’s B-School (which is brilliant btw – read my review here) but I had allowed myself to get completely stuck at Module 2, which was all about websites.

I researched what was the best option, I wrestled with tech that was completely alien to me at the time, kept switching tactics but could never produce a website on my own that I liked enough to unleash it on the public. I so desperately wanted to look professional, but felt like a total fraud and an amateur.

I know I’m not alone in this.

A little bit of research, trial and error and frustration may very well have you running to google ‘website designers’ only to find that you also need branding, and professional photography and then £3000 to pay your web designer.

It’s a major trigger point for so many business owners and a really common reason why people stay stuck and going around in circles for months more than they needed to.

So let’s answer the question: do you even need a sodding website anyway?!

I’m afraid the short answer is, unequivocally, yes.

However, the real question is WHEN do you need a website, which is a far more intelligent question to be asking and it’s going to save you so many headaches!

A website isn’t an asset if its creation has stopped you from launching for 6 months – and counting!

Really Good Reasons to Have a Website

  • The first thing we do when we discover someone new online is to go seek out their website. Why do we do that? We want to make sure they are legit, that they have some strong, concrete physical presence online – so they’re unlikely to take our money and disappear. We look for proof that they know what they are talking about.
  • It’s not just potential clients that do this, TV and Radio producers, book publishers, event booking agents and so many more people who might want to bring amazing opportunities to your door will get stuck when you don’t have a website.
  • Your website is your business card. It’s somewhere you can truly showcase everything you have to offer and have achieved in your business in an organised way.
  • You OWN your website, and you can’t lose it. A couple of years ago, Facebook didn’t have an algorithm to control how many post from Pages you got to see in your newsfeed. At that time, it didn’t discriminate between a page you had liked, and someone you were friends with. People build whole businesses from a Facebook Page, and didn’t bother building a website because it was all right there on Facebook.

    Then the Algorithm Apololypse happened, no one was seeing our posts anymore, we had to pay $20 to ‘boost’ them just to people who had liked our pages, and asked to see our content could actually see our content. This was a huge blow to anyone who hadn’t been gathering that community elsewhere as well.
  • SEO. It’s not as intimidating as you might think and all it means is how quickly your website comes up in search results when someone searches for something on Google. The more places you exist, the higher you will rank, so having a well filled out website with blog posts and sales pages will be tipping the scales in your favor.

Hopefully I’ve now convinced you that at some point you should definitely get yourself a website, so let’s get to the more interesting question of when should you start investing in a fancy website.

Creating a website is expensive. Even if you use design it yourself and use a platform like Squarespace or Wix, it’s still going to cost you hours of your time. How much is your time worth as a coach? Let’s say you spend 40 hours (it’ll still probably be more) building your website, and you charge $100 for a coaching session. Your new ‘DIY’ website just cost you $4000.

You should only build a website when you think that having a website would make you more money than not having a website.

There are so many ways to get coaching clients without a website, you should practice and master those techniques before worrying about a website.

Not only is the cost a factor, but as a new coach or consultant you’re going to evolve! You’ll work with someone who praises a certain part of your coaching style so much, you want to build a brand around that. You’ll work with someone that was such a horrible experience, you might want to change direction altogether.

You’ll gain new skills and expand your expertise. Investing thousands of dollars of your time, energy or cash is just a waste if you have to do it all over again in 6 months time – and you probably will!

So let’s recap!

Yes – you 100% should get a website, but if the process is stressing you out and bankrupting you – the right answer is, not yet.

As a new coach, focus on other ways of getting clients without a website while you develop your personal brand and  find your niche within the coaching industry.

If you’re starting a new business on a budget, I have a great resource for you below, which is my 10 Tools You Need to Start an Online Business.



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