How to Use FB Ads to Build Your Know, Like, Trust Factor

It’s no secret that I LOVE Facebook Ads. Not because they are some magic marketing tool, but because I get obsessed with the strategy and psychology behind them.

Once you’ve got your head around how all the moving parts fit together, it’s truly a game to guess and predict what people are going to resonate with, and which ads are going to work the best.

That’s exactly how I discovered this new FB Ads strategy that I’ve been running, and it was thrilling to see how well it worked. So let me break it down for you.

Here’s the Problem:

The way that most people, even highly paid strategists, work with ads, is that that will come up with some click-baity free offer like an eBook or a Webinar and promote it to a group of people who have never heard of you before but they think might like your stuff, then rely on the funnel behind that webinar or free thing to do the selling for you.

They will then probably (hopefully) retarget those new leads with even more ads inviting them to buy with a special offer and just continue to bombard them until the promotion is over. Buy this thing! Last chance to buy! Special offer ending soon! Testimonials! Payment plan! New bonuses! No, REALLY last chance this time!

Just writing it all out, it seems pretty obvious to me why that wouldn’t be working.

The problem here is that you’re relying on just one thing to educate people on why your work is important, help people get to know you, learn to like you and persuade them to trust you enough to hand over their already battered credit card.

The problem here is that you’re relying on just one thing to educate people on why your work is important.

Here’s the Solution:

Essentially, we need to think about the lifetime experience that you want someone to have with you, and dating is the perfect analogy for this.

Step 1: You notice them across a crowded room, or Facebook Feed, and think “they’re cute!”

Step 2: You decide to go over and check this out a little more, or y’know click on a Blog Post or Facebook Live.

Step 3: You chat for a little while, engage with them, and then sign yourself up for dinner, drinks and a webinar or free eBook or two.

Step 4: You hang out, and it wasn’t a complete waste of your time – it was interesting, you had fun! You start seeing more of them at the coffee shop, at the cinema and in your email inbox.

Step 5: It’s time to take things to the next level, but you get to choose how much of an investment you wanna make in this relationship. If you’re still seeing where things are going, you might be up for little $49 summthin-summthin, or perhaps everything has been so beyond-your-wildest-dreams perfect, you’re ready for the big kahuna. The $5000 coaching package with Whatsapp access and a weekend getaway retreat please!

That’s how REAL relationships happen.

Back in the real world, that’s the exact kind of relationship I’ve been using Facebook Ads to build. It takes a little longer and there’s a little more investment up front, but it can ultimately mean that instead of paying $5 for a webinar lead, you’re paying $2 – and that cheaper lead is actually MORE targeted and warmed up than the pricier one.

Start off with running ads to Cold Leads promoting your best blog posts, videos, Facebook live streams, or clips from speaking events. Keep testing different cold audiences until you get the Cost per Website Visitor as cheap as possible, at least lower than $0.20.

They key here is that you want to be able to retarget the people who choose to interact with you. You can create a custom audience in the Facebook Ads Manager of both people who have visited your website and people who have watched your videos recently.

Then you want to run ads to those retargeted Warm Audiences with MORE points of connection. Ideally you want to do the opposite to whatever was working will previous. So if they’ve already seen blog posts, it’s time to use videos. If you have to use the same medium, make sure you keep back different content for each campaign. There’s no point in paying for people to see the same things twice!

Now that you have a beautifully warmed up audience of website visitors and video watchers, it’s time to invite them to sign up for something more significant. This is where you want to target them with Ads for a free eBook or Guide, a Webinar, Workshop or something else juicy that they’ll need to hand over their email address for. At this point you can usually expect to see leads at least half the price than if you were targeting cold leads. Once you’ve added on the cost of warming them up with those blog posts (which should be pennies) you’re still looking at significantly cheaper leads.

Of course the key to getting this all working beautifully is to be really strategic about your targeting, your choice of free content and to get really deep into your data to see exactly what is working and that overall you’re actually making money from those leads rather than just having them sit there on your mailing list.


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