Why You Should Start Your Business With a Blog
I still believe that the best way to start a business, is with a blog. People who start with blogs build faster and stick around longer than those who don’t. There are lots of reasons for this, that’ll get into in a moment – but first let’s deal with that dude in the corner with a protest board saying ‘blogging is dead’!

Hey little sceptic! I get it. What with webinars and podcasts and youtube shows on the scene, blogging can seem a big boring. It’s time consuming. What the eff do you write on a blog anyway?! It’s easy to see why people take to blog-bashing and quite happily side-step it altogether. However I think people are seriously missing the point

Blogging is not dead, it has just evolved.

Blogs don’t have to look like… blogs, anymore. You don’t have to be writing 1000 word articles every week.

Blogging can look like…

A podcast

A youtube channel like Marie TV

Creating tutorials

Recording audio workshops

Behind the scenes diary style posts

Informational posts

Blogging is one part of what we call ‘content marketing’ but people seem to think Blogging is the whole kit and caboodle. It isn’t. You have a choice here.

You get to create whatever kind of content that feels good to create!

You get to create what your people your tribe would love to read.

Blogging creates a community and establishes you as an expert for when you’re ready to launch your business.

Blogging, or content marketing, as you now know is really the foundation for any idea, brand or movement. When I say ‘blogger’ you might immediately think of fashion and beauty bloggers, teenagers and twenty-somethings reviewing lipsticks who now somehow have book deals, and make up ranges of their own. Think Tanya Burr and Zoella as an example here in the UK.

But they didn’t start out selling lipsticks or books, or even with any intention of starting a business. They were adding their voice to a dialogue. They were creating a community, and it’s actually that community which became the springboard for everything they have created since.

Even if you’re not entirely sure what you want to sell. Even if you have no idea how your love of crystals, or vegan food or bedazzling your horse riding kit could turn into a business… blogging will help you find other people who love that too, so when are are ready to launch your business and sell a product, you already have a whole loads of people who know you, love you and will probably snap it out of your hands, rather than shouting into silence because you decided that blogging is boring and didn’t build that community.

Blogging gives you a chance to evolve, pivot and find yourself.

So you might not want to write, you might to have a business idea yet, and just maybe, you don’t even know what you’re really interested in starting a business or even a blog about.

Blogging is perfect for that as well. I always ask people who aren’t sure what they could start a business about – ‘What could you talk about, for hours, and not run out of things to say?’ Blogging provides the hours. If you’ve been blogging about healthy eating for 6 weeks and you’re already boring yourself, it’s the perfect sign that it’s time to switch it up. With a blog, this is incredibly easy – you just start writing about something else and carry on, business as usual.

Imagine if you’d dived into a business, and had invested thousands in a professional brand, website, photography, written a cookbook and paid for a health coaching qualification?

Blogging gives you time to discover not only what you are really passionate about, but what other people respond to.

A favourite blogger of mine, xoSarah.com started out blogging about her life in San Diego, being an aerialist and graphic design. She clearly loved talking about all three, but when she started posting about things she was doing to help grow her blog – the response was astounding.

So she started blogging more about the business of blogging, and is now earning $12,000 a month selling courses about blogging! She would NEVER have dived straight into that had she not started out writing about anything and everything that inspired her.

Have I convinced you yet?

If you’d like to start a blog, I highly recommend getting started on Squarespace, it’s not very expensive (maybe £9 a month) is so so easy to use and will effortlessly evolve from blog to powerhouse business website the moment you need it to.

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