How Facebook Groups Can Help You Grow Your Business

One of my favourite free marketing resources for online businesses is Facebook Groups.

My first 10 clients or so, came from Facebook Groups. When I asked 50 entrepreneurs ‘Where did your first client come from?’ about 50% were Facebook groups or a referral from someone they met via a Facebook Group.

I found Facebook Groups so valuable, I now run my own called The Vibrant Entrepreneur Collective – pop over and join us!

Networking has evolved from mingling in a bad wine bar after work to building relationships in Facebook groups. It’s still golden, and still an amazing way of building your business quickly – if you do it right!

Get Known

Building a presence in a busy Facebook Group is a really fast way of getting known for what you do. The best way to do this is to pick a subject, and then exclusively search for posts relating to that and then get stuck in. Post snippets of useful advice around your area of expertise so you because known as the health coach for busy entrepreneurs, or the VA who specialises in Facebook Ads.

Networking has come a long way from wine bars and business cards.

Word of Mouth and Referrals

Keep on showing people how much you know, and then when someone comes along and says “I’m sat on my arse all day building my business and have somehow gained 30lbs. I need a health coach. Any recommendations?” your name will be on everyone’s lips.

In my group, I also love highlighting my member’s expertise myself in a weekly spotlight feature where people can submit their offers and I do a round up of the best.

Watch for Common Pain Points

Keeping an eye on referral request and even rants in Facebook Groups is also really important. If you were a health coach, you could read that post and then swipe her words to use as copy for your own marketing – because you know that’s a real pain point, and that’s exactly how your ideal clients talks about what’s bothering her.

Community and Support

Sometimes you’re going to be the one wanting to go to these groups with a rant or just looking for some advice. I honestly think I would have thrown in the towel years ago if I didn’t have these supportive communities to go to. Not only are they there to give you a direct pep talk when you need it, but just by reading everyone else’s struggles you know that you’re not alone.

Keeping an eye on Facebook Groups has also been better than subscribing to hundreds of business news sites. I was the first to know when Pepsi screwed up their ad campaign, when Insta-stories launched, and I’m always ahead of the game on what new marketing strategies are hot right now – all because people were posting about it in Facebook Groups.

How to promote yourself

The biggest objection I hear about Facebook Groups is that so many have now brought in ‘No Promo’ policies that can be very strict. We’re talking no links whatsoever to your own content, and no promoting your programs or products or even free content.

But here’s the thing! We tend to skip over posts that we can see are promos anyway. Most people will be seeing your post in their own newsfeed, not as part of the group – so even if you feel that you’re not spamming a Facebook Group with promotions, you’re still going to be competing with Facebook Ads and all kinds of promos in their newsfeeds.

You’ll stand out so much more as the person who is offering real value and being helpful.

Ready to get started on using Facebook Groups for your own business? Come on over to The Vibrant Entrepreneur Collective, we’d love to have you and find out more about you and what you do!

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