The Neglected Page on Your Site That Could Be Costing You $$$


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In order to create more free time in our lives and more impact in our businesses, we need to be leveraging at every possible opportunity. I love making tweaks and improvements to get even better results for the same amount of effort.

I think one of the easiest ways to do that is to optimise the heck out of what you already have going on. One page on your website could be creating killer results for you – but it’s the most likely to get neglected. Fancy taking a guess which one?

Nope, not your ‘About Page’ or your ‘Sales Page’ or your ‘Home Page’!

It’s your ‘Thank You’ page!

Think about it – we can’t guarantee what someone is going to see anymore. We don’t know if someone is going to bother checking out the sales page we spend hours or hundreds of pounds on, or even that they will open your emails anymore (a good open rate is 30% – so 70% aren’t seeing your stuff in their own inbox!)

However, every single person who opts in to your mailing list will see your ‘Thank You’ page, and most people are wasting this piece of prime internet real estate by saying ‘Thanks! Go check your inbox!’ Like, seriously?!

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your ‘Thank You’ page to really make the most of it.


1. Think about your Number #1 goal right now, and send them there. Take a moment to really think about what your most urgent focus is right now, and then use your ‘Thank You’ page to leverage it. This is a really great reason why I think you should use the same ‘Thank You’ page for all your lead magnets, so that it’s easy to update regularly.

I recently opted in for some free resource, and their TY page was an upsell for a retreat that happened in January…. 2013. That immediately erodes my confidence in a brand.

Currently I’m focusing on building my free Facebook Community: The Vibrant Entrepreneur Collective, so that’s the focus on my Thank You page.

  1. Get them to follow you somewhere else (ideally not Facebook)

As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty standard for your email open rates to be between 20 – 30%, which means you’re already losing 70% of the leads you might have just paid for to join your list. So let’s get them somewhere else so that you can have twice the chance of reaching them when you have a promotion or a launch going on.

I think the best option here is to pitch a private Facebook community, because there is so much value to be had there – but it really depends on where you send out your best content online. Perhaps Instagram is a better fit for you, or Youtube.

The one thing I would avoid however is asking people to ‘like’ your Facebook Page, unless you’re actively trying to grow the numbers for some reason. The current algorithm is designed to get you to ‘pay to play’ and it’s likely they won’t see your content there either.

  1. Promote a live workshop or webinar on a relevant topic.

Unless they were already opting in for a webinar however – then you might be into workshop overkill! I still see eBooks, PDFs and cheat sheets as some of the most common lead magnets, but if you’re anything like me, you have a whole folder of these free resources that you’ve never even looked at and definitely not implemented.

Getting people online to watch or listen to you live is a whole different ball game and you can get some incredible results from webinars.

Eg. New subscriber has signed up for your ‘Get Started With Facebook Ads’ cheatsheet, now would be a great time to say ‘Hey, wanna come to my free workshop next week on ‘How I Sold Out My 1:1 Coaching Using Only Facebook Ads’? Because… of course they’ll wanna come.

  1. Upsell them a low priced, relevant product

Ooh, now we’re getting fancy! So if you’ve ever heard of a ‘trip wire’ this is basically what it is. It’s where you ‘trip’ your customer up (doesn’t sound very nice does it?) by putting an unexpected and unmissable offer in front of them.

This is a great way to actually earn back the money you’re spending on Facebook Ads, so you’re technically building your mailing list for free!

The ideal product here is something that’s a stepping stone from what they just signed up for, to the program you’re intending to sell them at the end of the sales funnel they just signed up for.

For example: Facebook Ads Checklist > Swipe File of Highest Converting Facebook Ads > Facebook Ads Course

This is actually really clever for a whole other reason. Statistics show that once someone has said ‘yes’ they are more likely to say ‘yes’ again – so this is the perfect moment to offer them an upsell.

It’s definitely not too soon.

The trick here is to make it something super cheap so it’s an easy yes. I think $19-$39 is ideal.

As well as triggering this ‘yes-chain’, you’re also taking someone from being a cold lead, who knows little to nothing about you, through to a paying customer very quickly.

Once someone has invested in us, they are 100x more likely to invest in us again because they immediately know, like and trust us – so long as you actually deliver in your trip wire product.

If you’re currently thinking, “This all sounds amazing, but I don’t do webinars, I don’t have a Facebook group and I don’t have time to create another new product #overwhlem” – let me stop you right there.

My philosophy (inherited from the amazing Amy Porterfield) is ‘start simple, and get fancy later’ so just start simple!

Here are some simple ideas for your Thank You page that you can implement right now:

  • Give them a time-sensitive discount code for an existing program or service,
  • Invite them to book a free strategy session or discovery call with you,
  • Run a mini competition where if they complete a quick (useful) survey they’ll be entered to win a free call with you,
  • Fill the page with testimonials from your program and link to your sales page,
  • Record a quick video thanking them, and welcoming them to your community so they know your face and will remember you when you pop up in their inbox.

Don’t forget to grab my free cheat-sheet below with 10 ideas for twip-wire products you can create in just a few hours.

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