You Scored 85%

You Scored 85%



Make Way for Internet Royalty!

You’re practically Internet Famous! You clearly understand how important it is to be visible online, and hopefully, you’ve already been reaping the benefits. (Followers don’t always equal sales after all!)


You now get to do the fun and strategic job of scaling all your hard work so that you’re having an even bigger impact than you already are. The great thing is that because you already have a solid visibility foundation it’s going to be much easier for you to scale and much faster too!

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I’m Amber Rose

Before we continue, allow me to introduce myself! I’m Amber Rose, and I’m a Business Coach & Marketing Strategist from the UK.

I work with coaches, consultants and experts who want to reach a wider audience with their work and make more of an impact online.

I love Taylor Swift, Outlander, and Gin but most of all I love having creative liberty and real time freedom. That’s the one thing that has motivated me in my work and why I believe that marketing and sales needs to be sustainable and ideally, automated! 

I’m the creator of The Visibility Mapping Method™ and host of The Vibrant Entrepreneur Podcast. 

Here’s your customised to-do list

A thriving, engaged audience is the key that unlocks any door.

As new entrepreneurs I think we all had an idea of what it would be like once we’d “made it”. The reality is though that there is no magic set of circumstances that mean you’ve “arrived”. There will always be another level, there will always be more lives to impact and more exciting projects to pursue. The thing that unlocks all of that though? An engaged audience. A larger audience. More visibility.

It’s time to go for the next level.

Let’s be honest, the very fact that you’re on this page means you’re already killing it. But if you’re also craving the next level, it’s time to take some ‘next level’ actions. 

You might already be doing some of these things, so I really challenge you to think creatively and see how you could be taking it a step further. 

Review the Checklist and Implement and Missing Pieces.

Have a scroll through the Ultimate Visibility Checklist below, and see if there are any ideas you’re not already implementing that you could tick off as a quick win. 

Get Serious About Tracking Your Efforts + Results

We all love a bit of Instagram, but how many of your clients are actually coming from there? Are you getting a load of organic traffic from Pinterest, and you’d not leveraging that at all? Start tracking your traffic sources, and lead sources so that when you review your sales at the end of each month, you know exactly where they came from. No more guessing. 

Dial Down on What’s Working and Scrap What Isn’t

Once you start tracking your results properly, it will be really obvious if you’re putting a ton of effort into LinkedIn but getting a pretty mediocre response. By transferring that wasted energy into what is already working will create a big boost to your results without you working any harder!

Consolidate and Create Space for Growth

Even if things are going really well, there’s always potential to make things even stronger. How can you upgrade the experience people have working with you? How can you get them even better or faster results? Is anything slipping that needs to be addressed before you scale?

Go after some Next Level Visibility!

It’s time to go after that big visibility goal you’ve been putting off. Write the book. Host the live event. Start a YouTube channel. Hire a PR Strategist and go after TV appearances. It’s time to go after the juicy opportunities at the top of the Visibility Pyramid. 


Want some help with this? Visibility marketing is one of the key strategies that I work with my 1:1 coaching clients on, especially in how to track all those metrics above and make sure your efforts are actually converting into sales. Book a virtual coffee here to chat about it. 

download the checklist

Being visible in your business doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It can feel confronting and scary so we’re often far less visible than we think we are.

Visibility marketing is a skill that we can get good at. In this free checklist I have loads of ideas for you on things you can do to get more visible in your business!

At this stage, some people might thinking something along these lines of… 



YES, YOU DO! Don’t fall into that mindset trap and dismiss this work.


More Visibility = More Sales = More Impact


I recorded this workshop to give you a crash course in my signature Visibility Mapping Method.

This workshop is literally gold dust when it comes to giving your marketing efforts some context, and super charging your visibility efforts. Enjoy!

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